Sunday, March 23, 2014

Press Forward in Faith

Thanks for your words of encouragement!
With sending me stuff, if you really are adamant on buying me stuff from amazon, I'd like to get some clothes, because that's what I tend to be in need of chino's, nice looking skinny ties, comfy lounging clothes, whatever. Just don't go crazy haha and don't buy super cheap stuff. Super cheap stuff on amazon IS too good to be true, it's always complete crap. Also don't spend loads, it makes me feel bad. also watches, colognes, nice socks, other such things.
I can get peanut butter here for cheap. no no no. I don't want any candy! haha I'm starting my 12 months to sexy soon. I need to get on a diet. Haha I get money from the church for groceries, I get everything I need from them :) I'm seeing alot of the country where I'm serving, the thing about England is that it all looks pretty much the same. Maybe a few more hills in some places than others. You have to understand that the whole United Kingdom is about the size of half of the state of Washington, if that. I suppose that this area is a lot less affluent, Solihull was very posh, and Worcester was kind of in between.
Don't worry about my mental health haha if I were just and average person without the calling that I have right now, I would have probably snapped and done something crazy by now, but I have my calling as a missionary. God is the one who has commanded me to go through the trials that I am right now and he'll keep me sane throughout them. I just have to keep praying and keep doing all I can. I think what I'm the most worried about is what all of this is supposed to be preparing me for haha.
This past week was pretty stressful, but I got through it! haha We had President Teixeira of the Europe area come to the mission and spoke to us at our zone conference. It was really cool. He talked a lot about how, although the church is focusing on member missionary work right now, we still need to be doing our own personal finding efforts as well. He also talked about how patience isn't just waiting for hard trials to pass. It's not just pressing the pause button on life and waiting for difficult things to go away, it's moving forward even though times are hard. It's continuing to grow and do what you need to even though things suck. It really helped me to realize that I've been kind of just pressing the pause button lately and not really pressing forward. That's pretty much the only exciting thing that happened! I've sent you some pictures of the baptism finally. I'll try to remember to take more pictures.
Love you guys!!!
Elder Sorensen

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  1. "I think what I'm the most worried about is what all of this is supposed to be preparing me for" - he is his mother's son! ;) I am so happy to hear that his testimony is carrying him through. Love this Elder!