Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bringing Others Unto Christ

March 10, 2014
P. is hopefully going to be confirmed this coming Sunday so keep praying. This area is not too different from my other areas other than it has loads of hills. It's pretty hopeless on my single speed racer, but I'll definitely be in better shape when I leave haha.
Haha no I didn't get transferred. I'm staying here with Elder Johnson for another transfer. I went on exchange with Elder Jackson and WE MADE MIRACLES HAPPEN!! We both wanted to work and we both wanted to help people!! That exchange was the happiest part of my mission so far. I JUST WANT TO HELP PEOPLE!!!! I just want to help people come unto Christ. This week was interesting. On Monday we had a district Pday at a big shopping mall in Stourbridge, it was a big high ropes course. I've put the pictures of it up on Dropbox. That night I found out that I'm staying another six weeks with Elder Johnson. I asked my district leader for an exchange the next day. I'm praying for Christ like patience and charity, but more prayers wouldn't hurt. That exchange with Jackson was miraculous; I've never had so much comp unity with any other missionary. We just worked and taught so smoothly together it was incredible, we found 2 people that day that had investigated in the past and now felt that they were ready to hear the message and 3 or 4 other new potential investigators. I saw what could be accomplished if you just have the desire and you care about the people you're talking to. The rest of the week was pretty rough, my level of motivation was next to zero and accordingly we didn’t do much. I really do need your prayers, I'm going through a rough part of my mission right now and I need some help if I'm going to get through it. I'm not overly depressed or anything like that. It's more stress than anything.
Today the Woodsetton A Elders are coming over and we're going to make southern fried chicken in loads of different types of batter and breaded garlic mushrooms and onion rings (Jackson also happens to be a professional chef haha a man of many talents) btw if you happen to find a beautiful girl that would make a good wife for him, he says he is open to referrals. I'll get pictures and videos for you of that.
Love you guys!!
Elder Sorensen


  1. I am so happy that Elder Sorensen had a productive day with Elder Jackson, and that it lifted his spirits. We will definitely be praying for him - as always!

  2. He is in our prayers still as well, we miss his smiling happy face here in Worcester, loved having such a great Elder in our Ward.