Monday, September 2, 2013

Busy busy busy...and VERY tired!

August 20, 2013
As you read the Book of Mormon and you start to better comprehend the language, it becomes something entirely new. New insights and questions and answers arise every time you read it. Try not to just read the words, but strive to really understand and gain insights from what you're reading. When you are set apart as a missionary you become a tool in the Lord's hands. Letters home are one of the many ways that he uses us, but it’s important to remember that we are only a wrench and the Lord is the one who does the turning. This week was pretty exciting actually, now that I'm thinking of it. On Thursday I was trying to fix my ukulele with some super glue, and I wasn't doing very well. I kept getting it stuck on, and as soon as I put it down it would break again! So I was getting really frustrated and finally just emptied the entire container of glue onto it and finally got it to stick. So, I set the uke down and turned to pick something else up, but I couldn't. I looked down at my feet to try to figure out what was going on and I realized. I had glued my foot to the floor!! So after about 10 minutes of me and my roommate laughing our heads off about what I had done, I managed to pull my foot off of the floor. There is still a fairly large chunk of my skin on the laminate and my foot really hurts. We also ended up getting a pair of morph suits! Not sure what we'll be doing with them yet, but I'm sure they'll come in handy. This week our focus is going to be on finding by the spirit. You can knock doors and talk to people all day, but if you don't have the spirit with you, you, won't accomplish much.
August 27, 2013
I'm doing well! exhausted all the time, but I'm told that that's how it is for pretty much your whole mission. Elder Gardner is still awesome. Never a dull moment with this kid. Can you believe how fast this is flying by? I've already been here for 4 months?? That's just straight cray cray. This last week was good! Monday we had a Zone P-day, so we went down to Cheltenham and they had a big tug-of-war thing. Once we came back we had a service project/DA at Angie's, I'll put up some pictures of that. On Tuesday we did a TON of tracting and street contacting that didn't yield a ton of results. I personally think that it was because our conversation between houses and between places wasn't centered on Jesus Christ, it was more centered on random crap that didn't matter. That evening we traveled to Cheltenham to visit the doctor, just to have him tell me that I was fine. Although he did leave me with a little sample vial and he told me that If I was still feeling ill at the end of the week, to "poo in it and bring it back". Needless to say I'm feeling better. Most of Wednesday was spent in interviews with president and at district meeting, both of which went really well. I gave a short 5 minute discussion on obedience to the white handbook and it went really well. Thursday we helped the new set of Elders build their potential list in Malvern. While we were doing that a police officer stopped on the side of the road and asked us to help her find an old senile man who had escaped from a home. Of course we agreed and did our best to help find him, but we never actually did.. I hope they did.... Friday we had weekly planning and did some finding, had a DA and a couple of lessons. Saturday we a couple of lessons and then spent a lot of time cleaning the flat. I'm starting to appreciate all of the chores that you made me and Andy do as kids. It’s finally coming in handy! Sunday was very average. On Monday we did some light shopping with what money we had left and we also carried out a GENIUS plan. Apparently you can take a mars bar into a chippy and ask them to batter and deep fry it for you. We tried and they wouldn't so we did it ourselves. We had Mars bars and we had Batter mix. So we battered and deep fried mars bars ourselves!!! We failed the first time in the B team’s flat and ended up filling their flat with smoke. Then we finally got it right back at our flat.
September 2, 2013
My week has been about the same, nothing really exciting. Monday we didn't do a whole lot, napped around the flat. Tuesday we had to pick up my bike from the shop and spent the rest of the day finding. Wednesday we spent most of the day in Evesham for our district meeting. It was pretty cool, we had a presentation on how the book of Mormon is important to our missionary work. Today our District Leader, Elder Barker, and his companion are heading in to Worcester to spend P-day with us, so that should be fun! Right now I just feel really, really tired. I've never in my life been so tired for such a long time. But it's worth it!