Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finding, Confirmation, and Milkshakes

March 17, 2014
I've been a little stressed lately because I'm horrible at keeping a journal. Like, I really suck at it. Hopefully Heavenly Father will help me to remember to write down the really important things haha.
We are starting to have a bit more luck with our finding efforts. We’ve got a few people lately who saw the Book of Mormon musical and were interested in learning more because of that. Yes! I confirmed P. on Sunday, apparently I sounded Irish to a couple of people during the confirmation, but that's just because the English get the American and Irish accent mixed up for some reason. haha nothing too exciting yet, but I'm sure it'll happen at some point haha.
let’s see... this last week. we started Tuesday with a cleaning inspection and then had lunch and a lesson with P. then we went up and had a very posh DA with Edwards and they gave us loads of expensive food to take home with us, so that was cool! And then that night we had a workover with some stake leaders and did a LA reach out night. That was pretty fun. Wednesday we had Zone meeting and went on exchange with Elder Jackson. I went with Peek to his area and taught this super solid investigator they have called K. who is absolutely awesome and should be baptized in the next couple of weeks. The rest of the week was just a lot of finding. we are getting a bit more successful with it though. hopefully things will pick up soon. Sunday, of course, we confirmed P. and did some more finding.
Today the other elders are up here with us and we're going to make some milkshakes and do stuff with them, hopefully I can remember to take videos and pictures of that haha. I think that's about it, sorry for the short email, but there's not a whole lot more to say! We still don't have IPads. I'm starting to give up hope on getting them. They said we should have them by January and it's nearly April.... oh well!! Whatever happens happens. Well! I'm freaking hungry.
Elder Sorensen

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Press Forward in Faith

Thanks for your words of encouragement!
With sending me stuff, if you really are adamant on buying me stuff from amazon, I'd like to get some clothes, because that's what I tend to be in need of chino's, nice looking skinny ties, comfy lounging clothes, whatever. Just don't go crazy haha and don't buy super cheap stuff. Super cheap stuff on amazon IS too good to be true, it's always complete crap. Also don't spend loads, it makes me feel bad. also watches, colognes, nice socks, other such things.
I can get peanut butter here for cheap. no no no. I don't want any candy! haha I'm starting my 12 months to sexy soon. I need to get on a diet. Haha I get money from the church for groceries, I get everything I need from them :) I'm seeing alot of the country where I'm serving, the thing about England is that it all looks pretty much the same. Maybe a few more hills in some places than others. You have to understand that the whole United Kingdom is about the size of half of the state of Washington, if that. I suppose that this area is a lot less affluent, Solihull was very posh, and Worcester was kind of in between.
Don't worry about my mental health haha if I were just and average person without the calling that I have right now, I would have probably snapped and done something crazy by now, but I have my calling as a missionary. God is the one who has commanded me to go through the trials that I am right now and he'll keep me sane throughout them. I just have to keep praying and keep doing all I can. I think what I'm the most worried about is what all of this is supposed to be preparing me for haha.
This past week was pretty stressful, but I got through it! haha We had President Teixeira of the Europe area come to the mission and spoke to us at our zone conference. It was really cool. He talked a lot about how, although the church is focusing on member missionary work right now, we still need to be doing our own personal finding efforts as well. He also talked about how patience isn't just waiting for hard trials to pass. It's not just pressing the pause button on life and waiting for difficult things to go away, it's moving forward even though times are hard. It's continuing to grow and do what you need to even though things suck. It really helped me to realize that I've been kind of just pressing the pause button lately and not really pressing forward. That's pretty much the only exciting thing that happened! I've sent you some pictures of the baptism finally. I'll try to remember to take more pictures.
Love you guys!!!
Elder Sorensen

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bringing Others Unto Christ

March 10, 2014
P. is hopefully going to be confirmed this coming Sunday so keep praying. This area is not too different from my other areas other than it has loads of hills. It's pretty hopeless on my single speed racer, but I'll definitely be in better shape when I leave haha.
Haha no I didn't get transferred. I'm staying here with Elder Johnson for another transfer. I went on exchange with Elder Jackson and WE MADE MIRACLES HAPPEN!! We both wanted to work and we both wanted to help people!! That exchange was the happiest part of my mission so far. I JUST WANT TO HELP PEOPLE!!!! I just want to help people come unto Christ. This week was interesting. On Monday we had a district Pday at a big shopping mall in Stourbridge, it was a big high ropes course. I've put the pictures of it up on Dropbox. That night I found out that I'm staying another six weeks with Elder Johnson. I asked my district leader for an exchange the next day. I'm praying for Christ like patience and charity, but more prayers wouldn't hurt. That exchange with Jackson was miraculous; I've never had so much comp unity with any other missionary. We just worked and taught so smoothly together it was incredible, we found 2 people that day that had investigated in the past and now felt that they were ready to hear the message and 3 or 4 other new potential investigators. I saw what could be accomplished if you just have the desire and you care about the people you're talking to. The rest of the week was pretty rough, my level of motivation was next to zero and accordingly we didn’t do much. I really do need your prayers, I'm going through a rough part of my mission right now and I need some help if I'm going to get through it. I'm not overly depressed or anything like that. It's more stress than anything.
Today the Woodsetton A Elders are coming over and we're going to make southern fried chicken in loads of different types of batter and breaded garlic mushrooms and onion rings (Jackson also happens to be a professional chef haha a man of many talents) btw if you happen to find a beautiful girl that would make a good wife for him, he says he is open to referrals. I'll get pictures and videos for you of that.
Love you guys!!
Elder Sorensen

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Interesting Experiences

February 24, 2014
I really hope that I can come home to the Chelan ward. I love that place. I've just put some videos up of Elder Jackson (my district leader) playing guitar at a members house when we were on exchange. He is AMAZING. Check them out.
I hope you guys realize how much difference consistent scripture study really makes in a person’s life. On Monday a member called Sharon took us all out bowling and that was SO MUCH FUN!! I miss bowling with all my heart. I got really into it when I was down at BYU and I really miss it. We went with the other team of elders in our ward (Jackson and Peek) and it was awesome. On Tuesday we had a steak dinner with a less active couple and talked to them about the priesthood and importance of the bible as that was one of their concerns. On Wednesday we had a district meeting that took all day because of travel and a baptismal interview that took place. And after that we went to J’s place and had a chat with him. Thursday we went round to a potential who we found out gave us a fake name (which doesn't make sense to me... we still know your address..), and we had a chat with another potential who told us about how the bible says that angels were coming down and having hybrid babies with all the women and that’s why they were commanded by god to never come to earth again................. On Friday we Had an exchange with the district leader (elder Jackson) and we went to J’s place again and I took videos of elder Jackson playing guitar. He is amazing. On Saturday we exchanged back and did weekly planning. Sunday was pretty average and today we have zone P-day! So I have to actually go now. Love you guys loads!
March 3, 2014
I don't know how much time I have on here so you may get the rest of this message later haha Haha what has he sent me? I'm sure I'll get it before you can tell me haha. Sounds like you had a pretty disgusting week haha wait until you hear about mine! haha
Well I don't have any videos right now, but if we can get back from district P-day in time I should have some more to put up.
So today is dodge Monday! The day we find out about moves. We'll probs find out around 10pm tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow what happens. The other team in our ward are some of the best friends I've had. We get on really well. Elder Jackson and Peek are awesome haha Elder Jackson is Northern Irish and they basically hate the southern Irish and anything traditional and Irish haha So he gets really angry when we call him a leprechaun or finian or anything like that. haha So I'm thinking about buying some lucky charms and cutting out a picture of his face to replace Lucky's face.
I would like pictures of our view from our house, pictures of changes in the house, maybe a picture of you guys with grandpa and grandma. More pictures of our orchard, mountains, whatever! My health is way good! I probably need stuff but I can't think of anything right now. haha
Umm this week! Monday we went to zone P-day and played some sports and stuff so that was pretty fun. On Tuesday we met with P to prepare for his baptism and Elder Jackson did his Baptismal interview. You should hear this guy talk about the Gospel, he's just dripping with sincerity! On Wednesday we had district meeting which went over as usual. When we got back we worked on P's baptismal program and prepared a few other things for it. On Thursday we met with P again and had a short lesson on how to donate tithes and offerings. After that we went to the doctors, I had to do an asthma assessment so that I could get my inhaler refilled again. That was annoying. I went to fill the prescription and the doctor had forgotten to write something on it, so we had to walk 30 minutes back to the doctor’s office to have him write down a few numbers!!! ARG!! On Friday we did weekly planning and watched a Prophet of the Resto with P, then we went on exchange with the Zone leaders! haha that was exciting. I went with Elder Albrechtson. On Saturday we had P’s baptism!! That was awesome! Had a talk by a member and then had a talk by Elder Jackson. Elder Johnson baptized him and I will be confirming him. Today we are going to a big shopping centre for Pday. We’re doing some sort of climbing obstacle course thing, should be fun.
I think thats it! Love you guys tons!!
Elder Sorensen