Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Life of a Missionary

January 13, 2014
The more times he (Kelly, his dad) gives blessings the more faith he will have in them and the more comfortable he will be with them. Dad has always been an example to me and has always been someone that I wanted to emulate. Progression is the entire purpose of this life and this earth, and I don't see anyone in my life that has progressed as much as dad has and as you have as well mom. I love you guys.
Cool, well this past week went really well actually, I'm a little pressed for time and I think it would be better to keep this a little more brief anyway. We’ve started working with quite a few less actives. The main ones are A and J who have no sort of relation to each other than they live fairly near each other. We’re back down to zero investigators, but I'm sure it will pick up soon. We just had a recent convert from Harbourne move in last week so we're working on giving him the after baptism lessons and keeping him active. We just helped him move to a new place in Solihull and we're trying to get him integrated into the ward.
He has the most insane life story ever. He actually lived in Spokane for about 10 years which is really crazy. Other than that it's pretty much been life as usual. Tracting and street contacting. It’s nice to be teaching people again though I must admit. I don't think I have any question for you guys, but I'm looking forward to hearing how your scripture study went in your email next week!
I love you guys so much!
Elder Sorensen

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  1. I see it as a huge sign of growth that Casey is NOT the Elder pretending to stick his tongue in the other missionary's ear! ;) What a sweet son - it must melt your heart to read his kind comments.