Monday, March 23, 2015

New Companion, New Area, and Last Transfer!

March 16, 2015
My new companion is Elder Gros. He's a tall stereotypical French guy and he is awesome. I love him so much, he is crazy!
The chapel here in Cannock is really posh and modern because the area it's in is a bunch of millionaire’s houses and the only way the neighbors agreed for it to be built is if it was visually "appealing"
So! Cannock. Long story short, Elder Gros and I both transferred here on Wednesday to whitewash. Elder Wiser and I spent the last Tuesday in Harbourne just saying our last goodbyes and went out to dinner with a bunch of people. Elder Gros and I been spending the past few days just Gqing anyone who looked our age in the town center and in one day we got 2 potentials, the next we got 3 and the next we got two more. By Saturday, we had a new investigator (who is amazing I'll tell you about him in a second) and the same day we set another lesson for today! I love this area already, we have a DA every day this week and some really promising potentials. It just shows that the Lord has been preparing this area. We've gone from nothing to loads of work in 3 days! it's insane. Our new investigators name is Seth and he is elect beyond belief. We stopped him in the shopping center and he mentioned that he is going to be baptized into another church down the road because he wants to be a full Christian before he gets married, so we shared with him a 1 min version of the restoration and asked for his details. the next day we came to his house and shared the restoration with him. He was buzzin for it! He just drank in the doctrine. He's been looking for the truth and I honestly just think he didn't know where or how to find it. He told us a few stories of his life about how he was homeless and his now fiancĂ©e saved his life and the house he lives in now is really nice. He has a job and his own car. There’s just so much information. I'm sorry if I use terrible punctuation and grammar and spelling. We are seeing him again today at 230. He is 23 and just a really normal awesome guy! At the end of the first lesson, he was asking us about our chapel and where it was, and then he just said " can we go see it now?" and we were just like "HECK YEAH WE CAN!" so he drove us to the chapel, we gave him a chapel tour, and he was just awesome. Asking questions, he loved the chapel, loved the baptismal font, (he even mentioned that it was more legit than what the other baptism was going to be) and he said he might want to get baptized here! We left him with a bible(he didn't have one), a book of Mormon with Moroni 10, the restoration dvd, restoration pamphlet, and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet haha I think we loaded him down a little too much because we were excited, but there are great things happening here!!!
Love you guys soo much!!
Elder Sorensen

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  1. I was worried that Elder Sorensen would be sad about being moved for the last transfer, but it sounds like he took it like a champ and is making the most of it!