Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Work Continues...

June 17, 2013 Last week was pretty cool. Week 4 of this transfer! We went to the Cheltenham stake center for zone P-Day. The stakes are the zones, so Cheltenham stake is Cheltenham zone. It was pretty cool; we just played sports with all of the missionaries in our zone and had a big water balloon fight. oh, and elder Harris got a call from president saying to start getting his English license, which means either he's going to be transferred to one of the two areas in our entire mission that need a car, or he's going to be a zone leader. Tuesday we had zone meeting, which is basically a small-scale zone conference, had a DA (dinner appointment) with the Stanley’s, and taught Janos Jr. Janos is cool. He’s Hungarian and he's going to be baptized. Wednesday I was on exchange with Elder Webber (our district leader from New Zealand) and had an awesome time in evesham. Thursday was boring as usual. Friday we exchanged with the zone leaders like I told you and had an awesome birthday. And then there was Saturday. Saturday was very eventful! We started off by taking a train to Malvern where we did a service project for one of our deaf members (weeding) and then learned some more British sign language (which I'm learning by the way) and then ate and took a bus back to Worcester (pronounced "worster") once we got there we changed back into proselyting clothes a caught a bus to our appointment with Steve brace. Steve referred himself from and lives all the way out at Brockhampron estate in Bringsty.(52.195192,-2.470315)<-- if you put that into Google maps you can see how far out in the middle of nowhere that is. Right as we were getting onto the bus we found out that there were no busses coming back, but we couldn't cancel the appointment at that point so we just went anyway. We got off the bus at the entrance to Brockhampton estate, which is massive, and started walking. We had to walk through a field and a pasture full of sheep to get to his driveway. But we had an amazing lesson with them and I'm pretty sure that they're going to get baptized. When we finished we got all the way back to the highway and started hitch hiking.. but that didn't yield any results so we started walking. once we had walked for a couple of miles we decided that calling the ZL's and getting a ride would be safer, not to mention we would get home about 5 hours sooner than if we walked. Sunday was Sunday and now we're here!
June 24, 2013 Not much to be said about the past week, I'm having trouble remembering because I'm so excited about the missionary announcement! Have you heard?? We're now authorized to use Facebook and texting and everything. And we may be getting ipads soon! It’s so cool! We have to do a training thing for it first though. I don't know when that will be, but I need my login info. This past week was really good, we are working with about seven investigators right now that we have found through our own efforts. The one I’m most excited about is Mandy. We found Mandy (40 yr. old) through her Aunt Betty (70 yrs.). Betty is completely crazy and has pretty much her own religion. Last time we were over there we tried to get Mandy on a date, but we couldn't really do anything because Betty kept interjecting and ranting on about the apostles or about sometime when she said she was saved.. And then we shared a DVD of a talk that elder Holland gave and she thought we broke her T.V. because we changed the inputs to put it onto her DVD player. She went completely berserk ranting up and down her living room about something we didn't understand and talking about how she would never be able to get her TV. fixed again. It was actually quite frightening.. At some point we got her calmed down and put her TV right and she invited us back next week... we're hoping to teach Mandy somewhere else this Friday.

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  1. That field of sheep Casey talked about walking through? Yeah, that's pretty much one of my dreams... walking rural England. It sounds like he is having lots of adventures, spiritual and otherwise!